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Are your agreements really month to month?

Yes! Our flexible month-to-month commitment provides you with the stability of a workspace along with the flexibility you need to grow your business.

What does a workstation include?

Your workstation includes a desk, chair, desk lamps, and lockable pedestal. Contact your Opportunity Manager at your location if you’d like to make changes to your workstation and they’ll do their best to make it happen.

Your workstation has hard-wired (Ethernet) connections as well as access to superfast Wi-Fi.

Your workstation comes with a meeting room allowance that correlates with your membership, which can be used at other THIS Workspace locations. You can book meeting rooms online!

Connect with other members through our online community. Feel free to ask questions, share stories, announce product launches and other good news, invite others to events, promote your job listings, or simply find someone to grab a beer with. It’s a great way to start meaningful relationships with creative entrepreneurs and business leaders. relationships with creative entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Each floor has at least one multi-function photocopier/scanner/printer.

From incredible breakout spaces to in-house bars, you’ll find that every THIS Workspace location has a unique mix of amenities.

THIS Workspace is an ever expanding collaboration of innovative entrepreneurs and businesses. Meet and connect with like-minded people and companies at our weekly/monthly events.

What if I'm looking for workspace in the future?

We have a one calendar month move out policy that lets us know workspace availability on the 1st of every month. I.e. If notice is given on August 31st, the workspace can be reserved for someone new to move in on October 1st. Depending on availability, you can be added to the waiting list of a different THIS Workspace location of your choice within your time frame.

How much do I need to reserve a workspace?

We require a one (1) month deposit (for Studios only) via credit/debit card in order to reserve a workspace for you and your team. For a workbench and dedicated desk there is no deposit required.

What if my company needs phone services?

Phone services are only available in Studios and select Dedicated Desks. VoIP phone services (subject to availability) are provided through our exclusive partners Vonage .

Do you take mail delivery?

Yes! We can take all your deliveries and post and keep them safe for you for an additional cost of £20+VAT per month.

What is the difference between a the membership options?

A Workbench gives you access to a desk in our communal areas from 9am - 6pm, Monday to Friday. There’s no need to book in advance; you can come and go as you need (subject to availability).

A Studio is a semi to fully enclosed, lockable workspace built for teams of 1-25 people (or more). If you have any certain requirements for your business, please speak to the Opportunity Manager at your location and they will do their best to make it happen.

What are the building hours? When are you open?

Most THIS Workspace buildings are accessible by security keycards, which grant 24/7 access to dedicated desk holders and access from 8.30am to 8pm for Workbench members. THIS Workspace team members are onsite at each location between 9am – 6pm, Monday through Friday.

Do I have to be a member to book a meeting room or event space?

Nope! However, our Opportunity Manager will want to learn more about the type of event/meeting you are looking to host before booking you in.

Can I stop in or should I make an appointment?

Tours must be scheduled in advance. This ensures our availability and helps our team focus on helping to find the right space for you. Send us an email at to book a tour!

Can guests visit me in my studio workspace?

We’d love to host your guests! Just make sure you register them at reception.

Am I allowed to bring my dog? What is your pets policy?

Our pet policy varies by building. Please ask the Opportunity Manager at your location of interest when you take a tour for the most up-to-date information. If you plan on bringing a pet to the building, you will be solely responsible for any injury or damage caused by your pet to any other members or their property. THIS Workspace is not responsible for any injury or damage to your pet should it occur in or around the building. In addition, any pet brought into a THIS Workspace building must be vaccinated and proof of vaccinations must be provided. We reserve the right to restrict your ability to bring in your pet at our discretion.

What happens if my team outgrows our workspace?

If you outgrow your workspace we will prioritise finding you more workstations at the same location.

I'm ready to sign up! What are my payment options?

We take payment via credit/debit card and BACS for Studios, Dedicated Desks and Workbench's. Note that one (1) month deposits are required for Studios.

When do I have to let the management team know I'm moving out?

Members are required to give one calendar months notice to move out or transfer offices. Termination forms must be submitted by the last business day of the month prior to vacating. Example: If a members wants to move out on August 31st, they must give notice to the Opportunity Management team on or before July 31st.

Is it easy to transfer to another THIS Workspace location?

Yes! If the building of your choice has availability, simply fill out a termination form for your current location. The security deposit for your current workspace will be transferred (you’ll have to pay the difference if you move to a larger Studio) to the new location.

Is it possible to sign up, but for my plan to start at a later date?

We can only reserve Dedicated Desks/Studios if we have a member that has given notice and is due to be leaving. i.e. if a member’s last day is August 31st, we can reserve their desk for you to start on September 1st. Please speak to a member of our team by contacting us at to see if this is possible, as we consider this on a case by case basis and is subject to availability.

Does THIS Workspace build spaces for teams larger than 24 people?

THIS Workspace is constantly growing and building new locations. If a building is under construction and can be altered to fit your company’s needs, we’re happy to help! As your team begins to grow, tell the Opportunity Manager at your location and they’ll do their best to find the perfect space for you.

Does THIS Workspace charge late fees?

We charge a late fee of 10% for outstanding invoices, excluding service retainers (i.e. deposits), for payments we haven't received by the 10th of the month.

How to credits work?

Workbench's, Dedicated Desks, and Studios all include a monthly credit allocation that can be used to book meeting rooms. After you have used your allotted credit hours, you are able to keep booking meeting rooms at a cost of £20+VAT per hour. Credits do not rollover from month to month.

What is the average square footage of a THIS Workspace studio?

Every Studio is uniquely designed and differs per location. We typically measure in desk space per person offering 60 sq. ft. per person averaged out over the location, which is more than enough room for a team to work comfortably. Book a tour and see for yourself!

What are the additional costs for amenities?

Bournemouth - U.K
Meeting Room (per hourly credit): £20+VAT
Black & White A4: £0.05p per page
Colour A4: £0.15p per page
Black & White A3: £0.15 per page
Colour A3: £0.30p per page
Extra Member Cost (per member, per month)*: £100+VAT
Keycard Replacement Cost: £5+VAT
Private WiFi Network Setup (per network): £149+VAT one-off
Monthly Private WiFi Network (per network): £59+VAT per month
Server Storage (per server): £40+VAT per month
Use of building address: £20+VAT per month
VoIP Phone: Provided through Vonage

Extra Member Cost: Your workspace space has a limited capacity. If the number of members or other individuals regularly using your workspace space exceeds the number allocated in your membership details form, you will be required to pay the additional cost listed above. For safety reasons, the number of members in your workspace can never exceed 1.5x the number of desks, regardless of additional fees paid. We reserve the right to further limit the number of members allowed at any point.

What is a daily desk?

A daily workspace in a shared desk area that has ample seating, work surfaces, and access to power. Otherwise known as a Daily Desk.

When can I book a daily desk?

Hot Desks are available to be booked on a daily basis, Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 6pm (subject to availability). Each daily desk is priced at £20+VAT per day. You can always upgrade at a later date to our Workbench package if you find you are using this regularly.

Can I book a workspace/meeting room on the weekend?

THIS Workspace only allows access to the workspace and meeting rooms for Studios and Dedicated Desk members over the weekend.

What size meeting rooms do you have?

Meeting room sizes vary per location. Generally speaking, our rooms can accommodate meetings of 4 to 16 people.

What kind of events does THIS Workspace host?

Basically anything we think our members could benefit from, learn from and most importantly, enjoy! If you've got an idea for an event, let your Opportunity Manager know!

Can I register guests for my workspace?

Of course you can! For security reasons however all guests need to be signed in. If you work from one of our open-plan areas on a Workbench or Dedicated Desk, we ask that your guests sit with you in the break out spaces and not at desks as the desks are reserved for paying members.

I have a workbench plan. Do I have to reserve a workspace?

If you have a Workbench plan, you do not need to reserve a spot in advance at your designated THIS Workspace location.

How do I book a meeting room?

If you're a member you will be able to book through the community portal. If you're not a member, please contact us on and we will be more than happy to book you a meeting room (subject to availability).

I have a dedicated desk/studio. How do I switch to a workbench?

You will have to follow our standard termination procedure for your Dedicated Desk or Studio by letting the Opportunity Manager know by the last business day of the month prior to the month you’d like to move out. If you would like to upgrade to a Dedicated Desk or Studio, please email us at or speak to your Opportunity Manager.

How do I cancel my workbench/dedicated desk/studio plan?

We’ll be very sad to see you go, but please speak to the Opportunity Manager at your location and they will advise you on the process.

Are all your prices exclusive of VAT?

None of the listed prices include VAT. As a VAT-registered company, we are legally obliged to charge VAT. If you are VAT registered, you can claim all VAT payments back.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept debit/credit cards and in some cases BACS. We are unable to accept payments in cash.

What are the building hours? When are you open?

Most THIS Workspace buildings are accessible by security keycards, which grant 24/7 access to dedicated desk holders and access from 8.30am to 8pm for Workbench members. THIS Workspace team members are onsite at each location between 9am – 6pm, Monday through Friday.