You grow. We grow.


What if my company needs phone services?

Phone services are only available in Private Offices and select Dedicated Desks. VoIP phone services (subject to availability) are provided through our exclusive partners Vonage .

Do you take mail delivery?

Yes! We will receive your deliveries and keep them safe for you. Alternatively we also offer postal licenses for an additional cost of £20+VAT per month.

What are the building hours? When are you open?

Most THIS Workspace buildings are accessible by security key cards, which grant access to dedicated desk holders and private offices. Workbench and Daily Desk members have access from 8am - 6pm and 9am - 6pm on weekdays. Management will be onsite 8am - 6pm, Monday- Friday.

Do I have to be a member to book a meeting room or event space?

Nope! If you're not a member and you are interested in any of our spaces, pop an email to and we'll be in touch.

How do I arrange a tour?

If you'd like to come in for a tour, booking is essential. We appreciate as much notice as possible to guarantee our availability, but sometimes a 10 minute phone-call before you arrive can be all the heads-up we need! Ping us an email at to book a tour - we'd love to meet you.

Can guests visit me?

We’d love to host your guests! Just let us know they are coming and always make sure they sign in at the Front Desk for everyone's safety as well as Track & Trace.

Am I allowed to bring my dog? What is your pets policy?

We allow dogs in the Private Offices only. If you plan on bringing a pet to the building, you will be solely responsible for any injury or damage caused by your pet to any other members or their property. THIS Workspace is not responsible for any injury or damage to your pet should it occur in or around the building. In addition, any pet brought into a THIS Workspace building must be vaccinated and proof of vaccinations must be provided. We reserve the right to restrict your ability to bring in your pet at our discretion.

Is it easy to transfer to another THIS Workspace location?

Yes! Let us know if you are thinking of transferring and we will check out what is available for you. We require one (1) month's notice before you leave and the security deposit for your current workspace will be transferred (you’ll have to pay the difference if you move to a larger office) to the new location.

Does THIS Workspace build offices for teams larger than 24 people?

Absolutely, if we have the space. THIS Workspace is constantly growing and building new locations. If a building is under construction and can be altered to fit your company’s needs, we’re happy to help! As your team begins to grow, tell the management team at your location and they’ll do their best to find a solution for you.

What size meeting rooms do you have?

Meeting room sizes vary per location. Generally speaking, our rooms can accommodate meetings of 4 to 16 people.

What safety measures are in place to keep THIS Workspace COVID secure?

Your safety is our priority so we have updated all our processes to ensure we are COVID-19 compliant. If you’d like to find out more, please pop an email to and a member of our team will happily talk you through it.