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4 benefits of Bespoke Office Design in a post-pandemic World

May 27, 2021
The design of a bespoke private office should incorporate company values, prioritise functionality and promote productivity. Where you work influences how you work.

Office design is about more than just succulent plants and scandi rugs. The design of a bespoke private office should incorporate company values, prioritise functionality and promote productivity. Where you work influences how you work.

Many businesses are going through radical changes when it comes to their office space due to the impact of COVID-19. Whether your company is downscaling or moving to a more flexible working environment, it's important that your new office fits your individual requirements and style.

At THIS Workspace, businesses have the opportunity to work together with an interiors team to create a bespoke office that works for them. This enables companies to have their own unique and private space within the wider community of a coworking space. Best of both worlds!

Below we've outlined 4 ways bespoke office design can enrich your business.

1. Bespoke office design boosts productivity

A successful bespoke office design is one that stimulates a team of employees and motivates them to work hard. Companies like Google, Zoom, and Innocent have invested in creating workplaces that facilitate productivity and this is reflected in their company growth.

However, an office that inspires positive work attitude doesn't have to be ten storeys with a pool and a private chef. Be clear on the values that are crucial to your company's growth and make sure this is reflected in your environment.  A few easy improvements include printing empowering quotes on the walls, or buying a good sound system to play focus music. Think beyond cubicles and make sure your team have space away from their desks to collaborate and present.

After remote working for so long, it's well established that companies are able to trust their employees to work in a way that suits them. Harness this trust and promote independent productivity by providing a various types of workstations: standard desks, soft breakout seating, standing desks, etc.

2. A specially designed workspace enhances company culture

The layout and design of your office should be a demonstration of your company culture to current and new employees. It is a statement of how you work.  For example, branded manifestations on windows or using brand colours to inspire your décor help bring your office culture to life and make the space your own. When in the office, your team should be totally immersed in your brand - this will help everyone get in the zone!

If you rely on collaborative work, make sure there are plenty of social breakout spaces. You may want to install a large whiteboard or chalkboard if your business requires open brainstorming and innovation. Alternatively, you might want to facilitate focused individual work with private workstations. It really depends on the style of work your business requires.

A winning workplace culture will seriously help you out when it comes to employee retention and recruitment. 77% of adults would evaluate a company's culture before applying to an open position, so it really matters! Although there are many other factors that reflect your organization's culture, such as the attitude and behaviour of your employees, the office design can be an easy win as you have full control.

3. Host successful business meetings

It can be difficult to get across who you are as a company in an offsite meeting or a Zoom call. By inviting a potential client into your office, you are able to convey a more immersive presentation of your brand.

So make sure your office design truly reflects your business and how you want to present yourselves to the world. If your brand is vibrant and modern, this should be demonstrated in your bespoke office design. Similarly, a conventional and corporate company looking to impress traditional clients should stick to a sophisticated and classic interior design style.

In fact, your office space should represent your brand to the extent that it becomes part of your pitch.  For example, a craft beer company should have a fully stocked fridge of cold beers ready to be offered to clients. A flower delivery business should have plenty of beautiful flowers on display. An aromatherapy company office should smell amazing! You get the idea.

After over a year of remote meetings over Zoom, take the opportunity to wow your customers with real life experiential marketing. When you invite clients to your office, the space should be the backbone of your sales pitch.

4. Bespoke private offices are great for employee wellbeing

Contemporary coworking spaces like THIS Workspace, take a people-focused approach to office design. This means that layout, feng shui and style decisions are guided by an emphasis on wellness.  You know your team best so make sure this translates into your office design whether you are designing it yourself or collaborating with an interior design team.

It doesn't have to be a huge investment either. Simple things like favouring natural light over fluorescent lighting, offering a good selection of natural herbal teas and having some interesting publications out on display can really make a difference.

Our favourite way of establishing a calming atmosphere in the workplace is biophilic design. In simple terms, this refers to incorporating plants and flowers into your interior style. The concept of Biophilic design is based on the idea that humans have an innate connection to nature. Therefore, bringing plants into your indoor environment can have a soothing and calming effect.

During the pandemic, some of your team members would have loved working from the comfort of their own home and others would have hated it. We recommend connecting with your employees and tapping into their attitude toward returning to the office. You may have to work hard to balance out the professional atmosphere that some individuals crave without removing all home comforts at once, which could be overwhelming for others. This is the sort of dilemma you could pass on to the interior designers at THIS Workspace!

In summary, we highly recommend investing some time, effort and budget into making your office design fit the mould of your brand and your team. Whether you do it yourself, or find a company like THIS Workspace who can do it for you, it will be hugely beneficial for your team's productivity, wellbeing, culture and the reputation of your business.

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