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Serviced office vs Traditional Lease: What are the advantages of serviced offices?

September 29, 2022
In today's competitive business world, a company needs to be agile and nimble in order to keep up with the demands for innovation. This is why more companies are starting to move their office operations into serviced offices instead of relying on traditional leases. This post explores the benefits that a serviced office provides, and why it makes sense for your business to lose the hassle that comes with a traditional office lease.

First of all, what is a serviced office? A serviced office is a rented office, usually based within a coworking space or office block, which is managed by a company who own and run the building. The "serviced" part will vary from office to office, but it usually includes maintenance, cleaning, internet, office furniture and an onsite management team who man the front-desk. The idea is to minimise the responsibility and admin that comes with a traditional lease, freeing up more time to crack on with your work. 

Most serviced offices will come with at least desk chairs and tables, but some will take it further. At THIS Workspace Bournemouth, businesses have the opportunity to work together with an interiors team to create a bespoke office that works for them. This enables companies to have their own unique and private space within the wider community of a coworking space.

1. Not just an office space

A key benefit to renting a serviced office within a shared building, is that in most cases you will also get access to meeting rooms which you share with the rest of the building. While this may require being extra organised when it comes to arranging meetings and booking in advance, you save a huge amount on costs. 

Under a traditional lease, it can be very expensive to rent an office which also has its own meeting room included in the space. It can also be frustrating to pay for the extra space and not fill it with it with desks for your team. The alternative to this would be renting a meeting space from business suites in your area, however you will pay a premium for this and it is inconvenient to travel to meetings. 

All meeting rooms at THIS Workspace are easy to book via the portal, and you receive a number of free credits within your membership to be used to book a meeting space. THIS Workspace's meeting rooms are fully decked out with quirky, comfortable furniture, TV screens, high-speed internet, and access to free tea and coffee. Much more efficient than searching up online and getting in a cab!

2.  A helping hand

A serviced office space is generally better for employee wellbeing. This is due to all those finishing touches that the space takes care of. Most serviced offices provide tea, coffee and milk so you never have to worry about running low. This may sound basic, but it's comforting to know it'll always be taken care of. 

If you decide to rent your serviced office from a coworking space, you may have access to some great member perks. This can include local discounts, member socials and networking events. As an employer, the wellbeing of your team should be a priority and it's a huge help if the space will provide access to events and benefits that promote a healthy worklife. 

Not much of an interior designer? Not to worry! A high quality serviced office will be decked out with comfortable and stylish office decor, professionally curated to stimulate concentration, motivation and positive wellbeing. For example, THIS Workspace is filled with plants, cosy break out areas and heaps of natural light. This is all created with the user in mind and directs workers toward a happy and healthy work life. 

3. Have it your way

Your office space will be part of a wider community which will likely have its own distinctive style and branding. However, you will have the opportunity to customise your own workspace within the serviced office environment. 

For example, at THIS Workspace, businesses are able to work together with an in-house interiors team to create a bespoke office that works for them. This enables companies to develop their own unique and private space within the wider community of a coworking space. 

The level of involvement you have in this process is totally up to you. If you have a specific atmosphere that you want to create in your office, the interior team will follow your lead and get you there. Or, if you want to take a backseat and let the pros take the wheel, that works too. 

4. No more admin

Whatever your field, most job roles come with their fair share of admin. A traditional lease can add a whole new pile of admin on top your workload. Sorting out bills, setting up Wi-Fi, and checking complicated contracts can take up your valuable time. 

If you rent a space from a serviced office, your monthly fee will cover you for everything. We call this single-cost solution. You don't need to worry about utilities or internet connection because everything is sorted for you. This is potentially the main benefit for serviced offices. As we all know, time is money! 

When things goes wrong and the internet is down or the heating hasn't come on, it isn't up to you to fix it yourself. You don't have to write off the morning sourcing IT help or calling round maintenance companies. It is your office provider's responsibility to make sure the place runs like clockwork. 

5. Join a community!

Your membership card to your workspace unlocks so much more than just your office doors! You have the opportunity to get as much as you can out of the space - if you want to. Being a 'member' by definition means you now belong to a group and this can generate endless opportunities for networking, business collaborations and friendships. 

As a professional, valuable networking opportunities can be hard to come by, especially with the rise in remote experiences. However, the novelty of telecommuting has fast worn off and at THIS Workspace we believe in the value of leaving your home and working around real people. You really can't compare a zoom catch-up to a spontaneous, flowing in-person conversation with your new office neighbour. 

When you belong to a coworking space, you don't have to jet across town or skip dinner for the chance to network with like-minded individuals. Every single day is an opportunity - even when you're just making yourself a cuppa in the shared kitchens!

So there is our case for renting a serviced office rather than taking a traditional lease. Not yet convinced? Book a tour of THIS Workspace and see what all the fuss is about! If you'd like to come and take a look around, pop and email to us as 

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