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How to choose the perfect office space for your business

March 8, 2022
Choosing an office space is a big move. There are lots of things to consider and it needs to work for everyone involved. Ideally, once you settle somewhere you’ll be there for a good few years so your team don’t have to move around too often. Before making a commitment, make sure you’ve considered the following aspects.

1. What you really really want.

Are you looking for a private serviced office? A couple of desks in a coworking space? A hot desk? Before you start searching, have an idea of the level of office you are looking for. Consider your options with a positive attitude and make sure there is room for growth when your company expands in the future. 

At THIS Workspace, we offer all levels of membership from large private offices which are designed bespoke, to dedicated desk and workbenches. Work out what you need, what you can afford, and take it from there. It can be a little daunting, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and arrange a consultation or a tour. 

2. Location, location, location. 

If you want your team to willingly use the office space over working from home, you should pick a location that works for everyone. The perfect commute probably doesn’t exist, but we would recommend being considerate and taking into account the journey your team members will have to make into work. 

Is it important to your office culture that you are in a ‘vibey’ area? Or can you make a saving by locating your office outside the city centre? There’s a lot to consider! 

Ever since the pandemic, there’s a greater balance between working from home and in the office, so perhaps the location doesn’t have to be quite as accessible as before. Every business works differently, so it really depends on what works for you. 

3. An obvious one… internet!

This sounds obvious but it does require a bit of digging. If you are renting an empty office that you will need to fit out and set up wifi, call up the providers before making any commitments. Internet providers will be able to tell you how strong the connection will be – not everywhere has fibre yet so it’s really worth doing a bit of research. 

One of the benefits of renting and office within a coworking space, is that you will have access to the workspace’s Wi-Fi which in most cases is high-speed. On top of this, the management team will be onsite at all times to help you out with any issues. So if you’re a bit of a technophobe, you’ll be in safe hands! 

4. What are the facilities?

Your team are going to need kitchen facilities with a kettle (or hot water tap), toaster, microwave, dishwasher etc. At THIS Workspace, all members have access to kitchens which are cleaned and maintained by us. 

Tea and coffee are usually the fuel behind a busy team. Check out if your coworking space offers this within their membership cost. At THIS Workspace, we’ve got your caffeine fix covered. Members enjoy unlimited tea and coffee all day so you don’t have to worry about providing for your team and topping supplies. 

Check out if the office space has meeting rooms available to hire and a reception is really handy for receiving post and welcoming guests. All these touches make you look a lot more professional when inviting clients to your office. 

5. Do you need a helping hand?

Have a think about the level of service that you require. Will you be paying a cleaner, or do you want a completely serviced office? When you join a co-working space like THIS Workspace, you benefit from single-cost solution. You simply pay to use the space, and this covers cleaning, utilities, internet etc. A much easier ride!

Having a clean work environment is super important for wellbeing and the health of your team, so whether you choose to sort it yourself or not, make sure it’s a priority on your list! 

6. More than an office

Decide whether you are looking solely for an office space for your team, or a little bit more. When you rent an office within a coworking space, you are also entering a community. But don’t worry, it’s not like you’re joining a cult – you get to decide how much you enter into it. 

The community side of a coworking space can be incredible for networking and collaborating. It’s also great for smaller teams to have the chance to socialise with a wider group of like-minded professionals. 

Many coworking space hold networking events and member socials, which takes the load off having to organise and fund these things yourself. 

7. Wellbeing is key!

More than ever before, companies are aware of how important wellbeing is in the workplace. There are so many factors that can contribute to positive wellbeing, and a lot of this is covered when you rent a serviced office or join a coworking community. 

Your environment has a major effect on your mood. THIS Workspace is designed with wellbeing in mind, which means it’s filled with plants, natural light and cosy breakout areas. When you’re on a budget, these aesthetic touches are usually the first thing to go, but it’s already in place at THIS Workspace. All you have to do is enjoy it! 

It’s important that you get a good feeling from the minute you step into your new workplace. Take a couple of trusted colleagues with you on a final tour before you sign anything. 

Hopefully this will help you start to ask those important questions. Every business is unique and you’ll have individual requirements so there’s really no right or wrong for everybody. Take your time, do plenty of research and you’ll make the right call! 

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