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The Best Morning Routine for a Successful Day

March 25, 2020
From always eating breakfast to early morning exercise, these tips will help you to create the perfect morning routine for a truly successful day.

When it comes to having a good day, your mindset is everything. If you wake up in a bad mood, then chances are that your day won’t be as bright and cheerful as you’d hope. In fact, studies have shown how waking up on the wrong side of the bad can have a dramatic impact on your whole day, affecting your productivity and the mood of those around you. However, there are a number of things you can add to your morning routine to help you have the best, most productive day possible.

The Best Morning Routine for a Great Day

Don’t Hit The Snooze Button

As tempting as it might be to snooze your alarm on a Monday morning, it can have a huge impact on your day. Not only do you risk oversleeping, leading to a manic rush to make it to work, meetings or the school run, but it can also make you feel groggy for the entire day. This is because when you keep snoozing your alarm you wake yourself up from a deep sleep each time, causing you to feel tired and stressed.

Instead, you should use the time for something productive that’ll improve your morning, such as meditation, breakfast or even a morning gym session - it’s surprising what you can fit into your morning when you stop snoozing your alarm!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

One of the first things you should do when you wake up is to drink a big (500ml) glass of water to rehydrate yourself after sleeping for eight hours.Your brain tissue is made up of up to 75% water, so making sure you’re adequately hydrated the minute you wake up will ensure you’re alert and switched on, setting you up for the day.

However, you don’t have to replace your morning coffee with a glass of water, just make sure you drink the water as soon as possible after waking up, followed by your beloved morning coffee to truly set you up for a good day.

Make Time for Exercise 

Whether you only have time for a few stretches, or commit to going on a run a few days per week - adding exercise into your morning routine can truly set you up for a successful day. 

Exercise can provide you with a huge rush of energy and endorphins, so working out in the morning can set you up for a productive day at work. However, if dragging yourself to the gym in the early hours of the morning seems like a little too much effort, then a brisk walk, quick jog, or even a few stretches can be huge endorphin boosters, helping to get your day off to a great start.

Stop Checking Your Phone

One of the biggest mistakes people can make during their morning routine is to keep checking their phone whilst they’re getting ready. Not only does this waste valuable time that you could be using for other things, such as breakfast or exercise, but it can also get your day off to a stressful start. 

From looking at negative posts on social media, to checking your emails and getting stressed about your ever-growing to-do list, checking your phone in the morning can lead to you getting to work feeling stressed and anxious about the day ahead. 

If you use your phone as an alarm, then you should consider investing in a conventional alarm clock to help you to resist the temptation of going on your phone as soon as you wake up! Although it might be difficult, you’ll soon notice a huge difference once you remove your phone from your morning routine. 

Have a Balanced Breakfast

You’ll have heard it before, but we’ll tell you again - you should always, always make time for a healthy, balanced breakfast to get your day off to a great start. 

Out of all of the things to add to your morning routine, breakfast should certainly be one of them. A balanced breakfast will provide you with the essential energy and nutrients that your body needs, helping to increase concentration levels, productivity and mood, setting you up for a super successful day. 

Some of the most nutritious breakfast choices include:

  • Porridge 
  • Eggs on toast
  • Berries & yogurt 

So whether you only have time for some fruit and yogurt, or you set some time aside to make yourself some nutritious eggs on toast, your body will certainly thank you for it and you’ll set yourself up for a great day ahead.

From incorporating exercise into your morning routine, to simply making sure you always have time for breakfast - these tips will help you to get your day off to the best start. Explore our other blogs to help you get the most out of your work. From tips to increase productivity, to reducing stress in the workplace - we’ve got all the tips and advice to help you stay happy and healthy at work.  

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