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The Top 3 Benefits of a Bespoke Serviced Office for Your Business

May 27, 2021
Bespoke serviced offices within coworking spaces are fast become the number one choice for startups, scale-ups and global players with satellite offices.

A serviced office is a rented office space, based within a coworking space or office block, owned by a management company who take care of the operational matters. The level of service varies, but the aim is to lift admin and maintenance responsibilities from the client giving them more time to focus solely on their business.

For example, at THIS Workspace, members renting private offices do not have to worry about sourcing furniture, setting up WiFi, or any general maintenance. This convenience comes with the added bonus of enjoying the benefits of working in a contemporary coworking space. A bespoke serviced office provides all the privacy that you need to make the space your own, without the added responsibility of running your own office.

What makes an office bespoke? A bespoke serviced office allows businesses to put a stamp on their space, without actually owning the office or managing the fit out. At a workspace like THIS Workspace, private office members have the opportunity to work with interior designers and tailor the space to their individual needs. Bespoke serviced offices are increasingly in demand and it is the sector's dedication to the occupier experience that has made it so popular to date.

CULTURE: A bespoke serviced office stimulates company culture.

Creating an office that is bespoke involves taking inspiration from what makes your company unique. Your logo, your style, your culture. Whether it's striking artwork, a ping pong table, or a mid-century bar cart - your office environment guides and reflects your company culture. Even when renting an office within a shared building, it's important to establish your private office as your own individual space. At THIS Workspace, anchor tenants have a say in colour schemes, breakout spaces, and artwork so no two private offices are the same.

Developing the right atmosphere is paramount to the productivity of your team. This is where bespoke private offices can add so much value to your business.

CONVENIENCE: It's the easiest option.

Not only is renting a bespoke serviced office incredibly valuable to your business, it is also potentially the easiest and cheapest option. You don't need to worry about complicated leases, buying a ton of office furniture (where to start?!), setting up the wifi, stocking the kitchen... Your bespoke office is ready to use from day one, designed specifically for your requirements. If you come across any teething issues and hiccups along the way, the management team are on hand to help iron out any issues.

As a member of a coworking space, you have access to so much more than just the office space you are renting. With your membership, you're provided with fully stocked kitchens, including free unlimited tea and coffee all day, access to meeting rooms and in the case of THIS Workspace, a huge art deco social space and member perks. Having on-site, bookable meeting rooms saves you time, effort and money when it comes to organising meetings and hosting clients.

COMMUNITY: Become part of something more.

By choosing to rent a bespoke serviced office within a coworking space, you are simultaneously joining a community of like-minded individuals and thriving businesses. You simply cannot put a price on the network of professionals you immediately have at your fingertips. Most coworking spaces organise regular socials so there are plenty of opportunities to meet other members and learn from each other. You never know when your next collaboration could be!

In addition to networking opportunities, the overwhelming potential to form connections and make friends everyday is a huge bonus for the wellbeing of your team.  Having happy employees ultimately feeds back into better productivity. A healthy team is a healthy business!

Bespoke serviced offices within coworking spaces are fast become the number one choice for startups, scale-ups and global players with satellite offices. Ultimately, it comes down to Culture, Convenience and Community.

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